Capital One Application and Account Information

Are you confused about “What information do I need to apply for a Capital One credit card?”

As you may know already, Capital One credit cards are among the best options for anyone seeking the best returns and benefits out of a credit card, and also for people looking to build a good credit score.

Now, you must have seen lots of people out there having Capital One credit cards with them. That does give the impression that Capital One approves all the credit card applications that comes to them, which is absolutely not true.

Being one of the most-trusted banking and credit card service providers in the United States, Capital One ensures that the credit cards they issue are only provided to less risky individuals and businesses.

In this article, we explain the information necessary to apply for a Capital One credit card and get it approved. We also cover some other important information that you need to know about Capital One credit cards.

What Details Do You Need to Apply for Capital One Credit Card?

Below are the details you will require to likely get approved for a Capital One credit on your first attempt itself.

  1. Full Name: You need to provide your full name correctly, including your first/middle/last names, as mentioned in your address proof and identity proof.
  2. SSN: Your Social Security Number (SSN) is also asked during the application stage of your Capital One credit card.
  3. DOB: Your date of birth in the MM/DD/YYYY format is another piece of information asked for Capital One credit card application.
  4. Proof of Employment/Business: Depending on whether you are a salaried individual or if you run a business, you will have to provide proof of the same.
  5. Income Proof: You will also be asked for proof of income. The income proof usually is your bank statement for the last 3 to 6 months that shows a recurring inflow of monthly income.

Apart from the above-mentioned information, the Capital One team may also run a credit report against your details to see your past lending history, any existing loans/credit cards from a different bank, etc.

How Can I Add Authorized User to My Capital One Credit Card?

To add an authorized user to your Capital One credit card, you can click here and visit the online banking portal. If you haven’t already created a net banking account for your credit card, then you’ll have to do the same before being able to access your profile.

Alternatively, you can add an authorized user to your Capital One credit card by reaching out to the customer care number that is written on the back of your credit card.

How Long Does It Take To Receive Capital One Credit Card After Approval?

After your Capital One credit card is fully approved, it may take up to 10 working days for you to receive the credit card physically delivered to your address. Again, this timeframe may increase depending on the address you provided for the credit card delivery.

What To Do In Case My Capital One Credit Card Application Is Rejected?

In case your Capital One credit card application gets rejected, you will receive an email stating the reason(s) for the denial. So, you can work on the points mentioned in the rejection email and then re-apply for a Capital One credit card in the future after performing all the necessary corrections.

If you do not receive a rejection explanation email from Capital One, then you can reach out to the number 1-800-903-9177 and speak to the customer service agent about your credit card application rejection.

How To Check The Status Of Capital One Credit Card Application?

Your Capital One credit card application status will be communicated either via text message or email within 7 – 10 working days.

However, if you haven’t received an update, then please reach out to the number 1-800-903-9177 and speak to the Capital One team to check out your application status.